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Comprehensive course to learn the basics of computer networks

This comprehensive course will teach you the basics of computer networks. It will cover: - general information on computer networks; - the physical layer; - the data link layer; - the network layer; - the transport layer. You will also learn, in this course, some details about the TCP/IP protocol family, routing notions, WAN, etc.

Courses to learn the basics of computer networks

This course will teach you all the fundamental concepts in computer networking: - the definition of computer network; - classification of networks; - network topology; - client-server networks; - the OSI model; - the APPLETALK and ARPANET networks; - the Ethernet layer; - local and extensive networks; - the TCP/IP layer; - messaging; - safety; - etc.

Basic course to learn the essential definitions in computer network

The purpose of this course is to teach you the key terminologies in addressing computer networks, the most notable of which are: IP address, network segmentation, subnet masks. It is also explained the binary coding of network addresses.

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A computer network is a set of equipment linked together to exchange information. By analogy with a net (a network is a «small rets», that is, a small thread1), we call node the end of a connection, which can be an intersection of several connections or equipment (a computer, a router, a hub, a switch)

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